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Save +100 hours on your
Magento 2 shop launch

Reach businesses of all sizes with lower
implementation costs.

Together we can
weather any storm

Nobody can predict the future, but we can ensure your flexibility and safety.

A complete toolbox for your development

Development and version management are managed
with git, composer and a build-pipeline.

Automatic scaling powered by Google Cloud

The beauty of automatic auto-scaling in real time

No need to invest in a big server and pay for standby time to handle traffic fluctuations. The number of allocated compute resources (CPU & Memory) required by your Magento 2 site automatically scale up or down based on the exact needs at any given minute.

Sign up for a hosting profile that suits your site’s basic performance needs. When scaling outside your profile you pay only for the actual added CPU and data transfer usage monitored by Google Cloud.

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How it Works

Magento 2 server environments have never been more elastic

Premium managed Magento 2 hosting

You have a business to manage, Let elastycloud take care of your hosting.

  • Elastycloud handles all parts of Magento 2 hosting, maintenance and support, relieving partners from the hassle of running servers and handling IT infrastructure themselves.
  • All Magento 2 sites comes fully packed with a selection of quality services - that is what we call Premium. Instances are hosted via Google Cloud and due to our elastic server environment it gives our customers full scalability and cost efficiency.
  • Spend your valuable time on being creative instead of wasting countless hours on every new implementation.

Focus on development, building and debugging

Keyturn CI/CD workflow & powerful developers toolbox

Integrated builds and deployment pipelines let you focus on code and features instead of scaffolding.

  • Builds are done automatically from Git source.
  • Completed builds are deployed with one click.
  • With a full build history reverting to an older version is as easy as deploying a fresh build.
  • All Magento 2 cron tasks are managed by a separate node. Heavy background activity will not affect the performance of the webshop.
  • Automated database management makes setting up and maintaining databases, Elasticsearch and more a breeze.
  • Build history, Backups, Database management, streaming logs and deployment tools are available in the management portal.

Get the sleep you deserve

Managed hosting - 24/7 Monitoring & Support

  • All Magento sites and environments are monitored 24/7
  • Our team is ready to help with incident resolution any time of day.
  • Elastycloud Management Panel gives access to dashboard showing status per End-User.
  • Service Level Objective: Monthly Uptime Percentage > 99.9%.

Discover our Management Panel - a complete overview

Get to know your new cockpit

Through Elastycloud's management panel, you get an overall picture of how an online store works – in real time, in one place. It drastically simplifies the work for both developers and operations managers.

Developers and other portal users are provided with all relevant data and control required to run, maintain and deploy Magento 2 sites and related resources. Users also get access to a full toolbox for debugging, building and more.

Elastycloud packages are an easy route to quick setups. Power users additionally have the control and possibility to tweak and adjust environments depending on needs, ideas or clever solutions.


Increased freedom with more control

Elastycloud Management Panel increases your freedom by minimising the technical expertise required to operate your Magento 2 environment.

By being able to control the operation yourself, you become less dependent on technical support and can work more independently to develop your online store.

Simply put; Elastycloud end customers gets a cost-effective and flexible solution with increased control over an online store's functions and capacity.

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What you get

Auto-Scaling in Real Time

The number of computer resources that are required by your application will automatically modify in real time to meet the exact demand at any given time. Your websites are always speed-optimized to give your users the best possible experience, irrespectively of how large the traffic volume is. All while maintaining optimal cost-efficiency.

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Automated Implementation of Magento 2 with Cloud-Based Hosting

Deploy Magento 2 at command in minutes rather than hours with the push of a button. All the instances are hosted on Google Cloud which ensures optimal cost-efficiency with full scalability, due to the adaptable server environment.

Our toolkit includes the entire setup process required for Magento 2, which means complete webshop functionality ready upon deployment. elastycloud takes care of all maintenance and support for hosting, relieving partners completely free of handling servers and IT infrastructures themselves.

High Physical Security with Google Cloud SLA 99.978 %

The Google Cloud Data Centers are designed with a full-scale security system.

“Security is part of our data centers' DNA. We custom-build servers exclusively for our data centers, never selling or distributing them externally. And our industry-leading security team works 24/7 around the globe making the facilities one of the safest places for your data to live.”

- Google Cloud Data and Security

Elastic Server Environment

An elastic server environment will extend or reduce the webshop’s server use based on its needs. An instance under low demand always has at least two HTTP nodes running.

When these nodes are approaching full demand, new nodes will start up to serve the demand, and nodes under low demand will be shut down. This operates automatically.

Pay Only for What is Used

You only pay for the CPU and bandwidth that is actually used.Many webshops have a high demand during certain times a day, others webshops experiencing seasonal variations.

Since the system scales according to your demand, you only pay for real usage and do not need to scale it up for a worst-case scenario.

Image Scaling

Images are scaled and served separately. Product images and images from the CMS are automatically uploaded, scaled and served by Google Images.

It saves CPU from the local servers. Images are distributed and handled through the International Google Network.

SSL Certificates

The platform handles free SSL certificates from LetsEncrypt with automatic installation and renewal.

All webshop instances support SSL. When creating instances or adding/redirecting domains – a SSL certificate will be issued within 60 seconds. Certificates will be automatically renewed.

Operation and Monitoring

All operation and monitoring is provided by our operations department which relieves you from the headache of servers and network management.

Instead the time and effort can be put on developing the webshop.

Email Through Mailgun

New instances are pre-configured to send outgoing emails through the external email service Mailgun. Magento 2’s outgoing mail will work right from the box.

All connections are handled through the platform, there is no need for a separate registration at the Mailgun service. It is also possible to configure Magento 2 manually in case the webshop needs to use another email service.

Management Panel

Our management panel has a report function, which gives you an overview of your resource usage (CPU, bandwidth and storage) on every instance.

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High Network Security

elastycloud recognizes the entirety of security – from securing your application to our administration of it. We have a centralized management with immutable audit trails of every action taken by administrators, which builds a secure foundation. Moving to elastycloud means protecting sensitive workloads while meeting complex regulatory requirements, frameworks, and guidelines.

Google Premium Tier Network

elastycloud uses Google Clouds Premium Tier Network exclusively to ensure the best possible application experience for your users. The highly reliable, low-latency global network is renowned for its high-performance routing with network services such as Cloud Load Balancing (single VIP for backends in multiple regions).

Premium Priority Technical Support 24/7

Our technical support and security team are available around the clock (24/7) and ready to assist you whenever you need. All partners are allocated a dedicated professional to ensure a smooth onboarding and technical support.

Instance Types

There is one instance type for normal operations and a more inexpensive type for assessments and tests etc. When deploying a new instance it is possible to choose the cheaper type for tests and assessments.

The less expensive instance type has less powerful CPU settings and a more economical operational cost, but is not suitable for higher traffic levels. It does, however, have the same functionalities as the more expensive one.

Peak Planning

Auto-scaling works well when the demand is changing gradually. But if traffic increases rapidly within a very short period, for example during a TV ad, the system will not have time to catch up and that will generate a bad user experience.

With peak planning, it is possible to add a date and time to let the system know in advance when to scale up – to meet expected traffic. The peak planning is managed by the webshop administrator.

Varnish Cache and Redis

Every instance has its own Varnish Cache and Redis. Varnish is used to cache web pages which reduces CPU costs, as a large amount of the traffic does not reach the HTTP servers.

Redis is used to cache sessions and other Magento 2 data. Which increases speed and reduces database traffic.

Cron Management

All Magento 2 background tasks are managed by a separate node. This ensures that high-frequency background activity will not affect the performance of the webshop.

Status on current, previous and erroneous activity is managed through Megento 2’s admin panel.


A backup of the Magento 2 database is completed daily and it is available through a download link. Development code is stored in Git.

Development and version management

Development and version management is done with git, composer and a build- pipeline. Customized instances builds on a platform specific base-version of Magento 2 that has built in support to work in an elastic environment.

The base instance is customized with those modules and other resources needed to give the webshop its final form.

Code is then checked in with git and is built with the platforms build-pipeline to a specific version. The resulting version can then be used to start a new instance or to upgrade a current instance. Older versions are saved, making it easy to roll back to an earlier version if needed.

Additional modules

On top of the functionality already provided in Magento 2 the platform base version has a number of added functionality. This functionality is provided in a separate document.

Want to know more?

Check out the developer docs and our product presentation.


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