Premium Managed Magento Hosting

Automatic auto-scaling in real time via Google cloud.

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Save more than 100 hours for each
Magento 2 shop launch

Reach businesses of all sizes with lower
implementation costs.

Hosting maintained by

You only pay for the CPU and bandwidth you use
without maintenance costs.

A complete toolbox for your development

Development and version management are managed
with git, composer and a build-pipeline.

Automatic auto-scaling in real time via Google cloud.

The beauty of automatic auto-scaling in real time

No need to invest in a big server and pay for standby time to handle traffic fluctuations. The number of allocated compute resources (CPU & Memory) required by your application automatically scale up or down based on the exact needs at any given minute. Auto-scaling will automatically adjust compute resources from one minute requiring e.g. only 2xCPU to another minute requiring 556xCPU or more. Pay only for the actual CPU and data transfer usage, measured in one minute resolution, monitored by Google Cloud.

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How it Works

Magento 2 server environments have never been more elastic

Automated implementation of Magento 2

You have a business to manage. Let elastycloud take care of your hosting.

Did you know that you can deploy Magento 2 instances in only 60 seconds, at the push of a button? All the instances are hosted via Google Cloud and due to the elastic server environment it gives you full scalability and cost efficiency. Elastycloud handles all of the hosting maintenance and support, relieving partners from the hassle of running servers and handling IT infrastructure themselves. Our toolkit includes the entire setup process required for Magento 2, which ensures you a complete functionality when you deploy your webshop.

Image scaling via Google is included to reduce the strain on the M2 instances, and free SSL certificates with automatic installation and certificate renewal. You can add your own functions, modules or extensions into your deployment and they will be included for each new instance you create. Spend your valuable time on being creative instead of wasting countless hours on every new implementation.


A complete toolbox for your development, building and debugging

  • Customization via git, composer and build pipeline.
  • All Magento 2 cron tasks are managed by a separate node.
  • Heavy background activity will not affect the performance of the webshop.
  • Live access to database tools and streaming logs.

Google image service

  • Images are stored, scaled, cached and served via Google Cloud.
  • This ensures low latency from a highly optimized cookieless infrastructure.
  • Reduces strain on M2 instances
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Free SSL certificates

  • All webshop instances support SSL.
  • Automatic installation and certificate renewal.
  • Domains added by the end user will automatically be issued an SLL certificate.
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Google Premium Tier Network

  • High performance routing.
  • Network services such as Cloud Load Balancing are global (single VIP for backends in multiple regions).
  • High performance and reliability, low latency, Global SLA.
  • Performance, reliability, global footprint and user experience are your main considerations.
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