About us

elastycloud was founded in 2016 by some of the world’s foremost experts in cloud engineering and Magento development with more than twenty years experience in building and hosting ecommerce solutions.

elastycloud is a leading technical development company providing the solution for automating the deployment of Magento 2 instances on Google Cloud with elastic scalable hosting and a fully operational development environment, all ready to go at the click of a button in under 60 seconds.

Our ambition is to benefit the entire Magento community with a game-changing deployment solution that has solved one of the greatest hurdles of getting companies to launch their ecommerce on Magento. By automating the entire process that usually takes 100+ hours, our partners can now reach businesses of all sizes by maximising their budget with time spent far more wisely. The advantages of scalable hosting via Google cloud relieves partners of all future hassles of operating a hosting environment and their customers have the solution needed to scale their businesses to market leading positions without ever having to worry about changing platforms or hosting providers to match their growth.

elastycloud is headquartered in Malmö, Sweden with venture capital since 2017.

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Check out the developer docs and our product presentation.


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