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Automated implementation of Magento 2 with cloud based hosting Deploy Magento 2 instances at the push of a button in only 60-seconds. All the instances are hosted on Google Cloud ensuring optimal cost-efficiency with full scalability thanks to the elastic server environment. Our toolkit includes the entire setup process required for Magento 2, giving complete webshop functionality ready upon deployment. elastycloud takes care of all maintenance and support for hosting, relieving partners completely from handling servers and handling IT infrastructures themselves.
High Network Securityelastycloud considers the security ecosystem as a whole from securing your application to our secure administration of it. From centralised access management to immutable audit trails of each administrator action taken. Moving to the elastycloud means protecting sensitive workloads while achieving and maintaining compliance with complex regulatory requirements, frameworks, and guidelines.
Automatic auto-scaling in real timeThe number of compute resources allocated to your application will automatically scale up or down in real time depending on the exact needs required at any given time. All your websites are always speed-optimized to give your users the best possible experience regardless of traffic volumes whilst maintaining optimal cost-efficiency.
Premium Priority Technical Support 24/7 Our technical support & security team are always available around the clock (24/7) ready to assist you whenever you need. All partners are allocated a dedicated person to ensure a fast track for both smooth onboarding and technical support.
Google Premium Tier Networkelastycloud solely uses Google Clouds Premium Tier Network to ensure the best possible application experience for your user. Well-provisioned, low latency, highly reliable global network renowned for its high performance routing with network services such as Cloud Load Balancing (Single VIP for backends in multiple regions).
Peak-planningLet the webshop administrator pre-plan extreme traffic spike volume changes expected from marketing campaigns such as TV Ads or Black Friday with peak-planning. Simply add a date and time and let the system scale up in advance so it is ready to go from the get go.
High Physical Security with Google Cloud SLA 99.978% Google Cloud designed their data centers with security in mind. “Security is part of our data centers' DNA. We custom-build servers exclusively for our data centers, never selling or distributing them externally. And our industry-leading security team works 24/7 around the globe making the facilities one of the safest places for your data to live.”
All your Magento sites in one placeelastycloud brings all your Magento management needs under Control panel.
Price transparencyPay for the actual CPU and data transfer usage, measured in one minute resolution, monitored by Google Cloud.

elastycloud’s solution provides a powerful set of automation tools in an easy and straightforward interface, allowing a simplified process for setting up and hosting a Magento’s e-commerce platform.

Scalable hosting and a fully operational development environment is the solution for automating the deployment of Magento instances on Google Cloud. All ready to go at the click of a button – in under 60 seconds.


elastycloud protects the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of computer networks and data to ensure that all of your client’s sensitive information and e-commerce sites are as safe as possible.

elastycloud’s certified Google Cloud team recognizes the entirety of security – from securing your application to our administration of it. We have a centralized management with immutable audit trails of every action taken by administrators, which builds a secure foundation.


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