Management Panel

A management panel that gives you a full overview

Through Elastycloud's management panel, you get an overall picture of how an online store works – in real time, in one place. It drastically simplifies the work for both developers and operations managers. You get a complete overview of the entire customer base and the capacity used. The first step in using a management panel is to create a development environment where you have the opportunity to test different things before they go live in the web shop. And as a developer, you have the opportunity to set up new environments and test your way through the management panel. It is also possible for several users to work in the management panel at the same time – which can simplify a lot.

A secure system with efficient actions

After you’ve updated an online store with new features, there may initially be error codes or problems that cause the entire online store's operation to stop working. When this happens, the system automatically resets to the previous version with full functionality. An outage that previously took between 30-60 minutes to fix can now be done in a minute. In practice, it works as a safety net.
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Control capacity and pay for actual use

Most online stores have different amounts of visitors, depending on the time of day and time of year. Previously, it was necessary to optimize the online store against the maximum expected number of visitors at one time. This means that the servers were often much larger than they needed for the rest of the time. In the management panel, you can plan how much capacity the online store needs and we also autoscale for immediate needs. Paying server capacity for the highest numbers all year round is costly. With Elastycloud, you only pay for the capacity you use.
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Increased freedom with more control

The management panel increases your freedom by minimizing the technical expertise required. By being able to control the operation yourself, you become less dependent on technical support and can work more independently to develop the online store. The end customer gets a cost-effective and flexible solution with increased control over the online store's functions and capacity.
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