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HBS Nordic reaches complete flexibility with Elastycloud

“It’s safe and secure in every way”

The whole idea behind using a cloud based hosting service is not having to worry about it. You see, it’s one of those things in life that you’ll only notice if it’s not working properly. For companies like HBS Nordic, operational reliability is crucial to not lose profit for their partner clinics.

HBS Nordic is, from a commerce perspective, an interesting company. Their skincare business is built on close collaborations with different specialized skin care clinics around the Nordics. HBS Nordic offers advanced skincare solutions to dedicated dermatologists as well as education and training. Their journey into e-commerce is based on a philosophy of combining different elements of commerce to help the clinics as well as the end customer.

"Our goal is to be a part of the future and that means we need to complement the physical commerce with e-commerce. Doing that will help the end customer as well as our partner clinics. Through our e-commerce we  offer an official authorized online-alternative while helping our clinics keep their profits through affiliate links, says Jonas Engdahl, E-business Manager at HBS Nordic."

A seamless hosting service

HBS Nordic’s e-commerce is hosted by Elastycloud on Google Cloud. It’s an elastic and scalable hosting service with a fully operational development environment.

"We wanted to work with Elastycloud because cloud based hosting was important to us. We wanted all the flexibility that comes with it. Having collaborated for some time now I can say with confidence that it was the right choice. Elastycloud is completely automated, it scales up and down based on need which has turned out to be very cost efficient for us, Jonas explains."

As mentioned in the beginning of the article a cloud based hosting service is something probably all e-merchants need but after you get it you shouldn’t notice it exists. You're only aware of a hosting service when something’s wrong.

"Elastycloud is completely seamless and honestly I haven’t needed to get in touch with them since we first started out. As far as a hosting service goes, that’s all you want as a buyer. You want it to run smoothly, and it really does."


The importance of reliability

Elastycloud offers automatic autoscaling as well as test environments as a complement to the live environment. A function that gives HBS Nordic the chance to try things out without risk and then launch it live after it’s been tested.

"It’s safe and secure in every way. You already know that Google Cloud is reliable so the fact that Elastycloud hosts via Google Cloud was a big selling point. Security is important to us, a lot of clinics and customers rely on us. If the site would break down because of traffic our clinics would lose profits. So, the stability we get with through Elastycloud is very valuable."

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